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San Jose & Santa Clara, CA!

Making sure you have the right health insurance coverage is key to protecting not only yourself, but your family and employees. Health challenges are quite often out of our control and crop up when we least expect them. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re prepared by having the right kind of health insurance before anything goes wrong. This will protect you, your finances and the finances of loved ones in the event you became sick and needed to be hospitalized.

Lucille Maravilla is a health insurance agent that helps her clients in the Santa Clara and San Jose, CA areas obtain the best insurance to fit their needs. She offers health insurance for individuals, families and small groups (up to 15), as well as off-exchange and on-exchange options for your convenience. Off-exchange is for clients who are looking for health insurance options. Lucille will ask questions about her clients' health, doctors and financial situation to determine eligibility. On-exchange is for clients who are facing financial issues. These clients will benefit from government subsidies.

Lucille Maravilla Provides Affordable Medicare Insurance Coverage

Lucille also works with clients seeking Medicare-provided health insurance. This type of insurance is for individuals aged 65 and older, or younger individuals with specific disabilities. The different parts of Medicare are dedicated to specific services that will be provided by a medical provider. Lucille will help find the best Medicare package to fit your needs.

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